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Easily Import & Export Salesforce fields using CSV or XLSX files

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Why Salesforce BOFC?

A MUST have application for Salesforce admins and dev in their TOOLBOX...!!!

  • Native appA native application
  • Perform BULK CRUD operationsPerform BULK CRUD operations with Point & Click - very easy to use
  • Time Saver AppSaves Lot of time
  • Increases Your ProductivityIncreases Your Productivity
  • Cost Effective Salesforce AppCost Effective
  • Data Security100% data security (no external emails are triggered from BOFC)
  • Browser Compatible Salesforce AppCompatible on All browsers (IE, Mozilla, Chrome)
  • 24*7 Support24 * 7 dedicated Email, Phone Support and Quick Response


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Latest Features


Key Features

Bulk field Creation

This feature helps user to create mass number of fields (using excel template) of different field types in duration of 10-15 min, in a single go. It also assigns field level security to multiple profiles & also add fields to multiple layouts.

Create Bulk Salesforce Fields

Export Multiple Process Builder in excel

Now use this feature to grab your Salesforce Process builder flow into excel. Easily and efficiently convert multiple Process Builder into excel. Take full advantage of Excel’s data.

Export Multiple Process Builder

Compare & Export Multiple Profiles

Compare & Export multiple profiles in salesforce like field permission, object permission and tabs settings, admin permission, users permission, apex classes permission, visualforce pages permission.

Compare & Export Multiple Profiles

Find & Delete (in bulk) custom field reference in ALL Kind of REPORTS

This new feature of Salesforce BOFC is useful and easy way to find & delete multiple custom fields in multiple reports in single click at once. This is more efficient way to find & delete custom field, no need to go to each individual reports to do it.

Delete Multiple Custom Fields


Reporting in Salesforce BOFC App
  • Export Multiple Objects
  • Export Multiple Profiles
  • Export Field Permissions
  • Export Apex Code
  • Export Multiple Page-layouts
  • Export Assignment Rules
  • Export Validation Rules
  • Export Workflow Rules
Export & Compare Multiple Profiles
Export & Compare Multiple Profiles
  • Compare Object & Field Permissions
  • Compare Tabs settings
  • Compare Administrative & User Permissions
  • Compare Record Type Assignments
  • Compare Apex classes & Visualforce pages access
Bulk Field Permissions (FLS)
Bulk Field Level Security (FLS)
  • View FLS of Multiple Profiles
  • Update FLS to Multiple Profiles (using XLS)
  • Export FLS of Multiple Profiles (in XLS)
BOFC Cloning
Export Process Builder in excel
Export Process Builder in Excel
  • Salesforce Process builder flow into excel
  • Easily and efficiently convert multiple Process Builder into excel.
  • Full advantage of Excel’s data.
BOFC Code Comparator
BOFC Code Comparator
  • Compare Object and Fields
  • Compare Apex Classes
  • Compare Apex Triggers
  • Compare Visualforce Pages
  • Compare Visualforce Components
Bulk Object Operations
Bulk Object Operations
  • Bulk Object Creation
  • Bulk Object Deletion
  • Clone Multiple Objects
Find & Delete custom field
Find and Delete Custom Fields in Salesforce
  • Report filter
  • Report Column
  • Report Bucket Field
  • Report Formula and many more
Bulk Lead Conversion
Bulk Lead Conversion
  • Use Salesforce standard Report to filter leads
  • Import Lead IDs (only) using XLS file
  • Show ALL leads which are not converted (Manually Selecting)
Export and Import fields
Export and Import fields
  • Export fields from one Salesforce Orgs in XLS
  • Quickly Import into Another Salesforce Org
Manage rules
Manage Rules
  • Bulk CREATE and EXPORT Assignment Rules (in xls)
  • Bulk CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE and EXPORT Validation Rules
  • Bulk Update Workflow Rules

Find the perfect plan for you !

A Time saver app at an affordable price to save your time & increase Productivity.


  • Price
  • Validity
  • Features
  • Reports downloads
  • Number of users
  • 24*7 Support
  • No. of Org
  • Licence Portable
    (to other orgs)

Free Trial

  • $0
  • 15 Days
  • all*
  • 20
  • Unlimited
  • Email
  • 1
  • NA

Basic Package

  • $199
  • 12 months
  • all
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Email & Phone
  • 2

5 Org Package

  • $399
  • 12 months
  • all
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Email & Phone
  • 5

10 Org Package

  • $699
  • 12 months
  • all
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Email & Phone
  • 10

Enterprise Package

  • $1999
  • 12 months
  • all
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Email & Phone
  • Unlimited

*All features are avaliable but to limited extent

*All features are avaliable but to limited extent

simple Licensing Terms

  • On Successful Purchase, you will be given a Licence Key which can be used as per your package in your salesforce org.
  • Licence Portability means:- Licence key once used for an org can be rolled back and can be used in other org.
  • "All Salesforce Users in an activated org" can use this full version. Your License is not limited by number of users.
  • All paid plans offer unlimited report downloads.
  • Org could be of any type Sandbox, Dev, or Production.
  • For customised BOFC packages Kindly contact us at
  • Discounts available for nonprofits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free-version is a limited version and valid for 15 days. After 15 days, application will automatically get locked.

In Free Version

- user can bulk create only 30 fields, but in Full version there is NO limits.

- user can bulk delete only 10 fields, but in Full version there is NO limits.

BOFC is an org based app. We have no limit on users within an org.

Yes, BOFC offers a discount to accredited non-profit organizations. To obtain this discount for your organization, please contact us at

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