How to Mass “Create Custom Fields” in Salesforce?

Salesforce Bulk Object Field Creator is a native app designed to help you to manage configuration in few clicks. This application easily imports objects fields from CSV or XLS or XLSX file to Salesforce.

During an application development in Salesforce, many times there is a need of Create Multiple new Fields of various data types. For a developers, it’s always a tedious job creating them. In general such requests take couple of days of effort. Here is a handy tool to overcome this situation.

Solution: To make it Quiet Easily Done(Q.E.D), BOFC application helps user to create up to 500 fields of different field types, in duration of 10-15 min, in a single go. It will reduce manual effort of users & will increase productivity. This application has simple UI & follows simple process which are extremely self-explanatory and easy to use.

Major Features for Bulk Field Creation includes:

  • Supports CSV, XLS and XLSX Format- Drag Drop a csv or xls or xlsx files which contains list
    of new fields to be created.
  • Assign FLS for multiple profiles & multiple fields in single Click
  • Error And Validation Support- Application effectively guides user in field creation and provide
    error description.
  • Manual One step field Creation- You can manually add a field which needs to be created.
  • Support Multi field type- You can add any types of fields at a same time in single go.
  • Restricts Identical fields- App will restrict user to create duplicate fields which already exists
  • Option to choose which fields need to be created from list of fields.Columns are enabled or disabled depending upon field type.

Steps to Bulk Create Multiple Fields in Salesforce in ONE GO:

  1. Select the Object, Profiles and Layout to which newly created fields will be assigned.
  2. Use Template (Refer sample template by Clicking “Download Sample Fields Template” button) to add Multiple fields or click “Add New Row” to add multiple rows.
  3. and Drag-drop or select excel/csv file, if you are using template file to create multiple fields.
  4. Select your rows & verify all the details in required columns or remove error(if any).
  5. Click “Deploy New Fields” button to add new fields to an selected object.

Check out Appexchange Link for BOFC: